Windows tips and tricks

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Microsoft Windows is a family of operating systems which is loved by many people across the world. Microsoft is the world’s leading provider of operating systems and is also people’s favorite choice. There is no wonder in the popularity of Microsoft Windows operating system among the people because of the different interesting and intriguing features that this family of operating systems comes loaded with. Today, Microsoft has become the first and last name when it comes to operating systems.    

  This operating system has many programs and utilities which might look useless, but have great relevance in many occasions. It is usual for your computer to get slowed down while you work on it for a long time. There can be many reasons for this, but you might usually get so much worried. One main reason for this slowing down is the large amount of data that is stored in your hard disk. It is not a recommended practice to store data on the hard drive disk to make it filled up. Your computer’s performance will be definitely affected due to this practice. According to the operating system manufactures, Microsoft, your machine needs at least five to ten percentage of free disk space to give you the best performance. So, go on and delete some of the unwanted files and folders from your physical drives to free up some space.   There can be issues with your machine to startup if it takes several minutes, which is not usual. This also might be because of the storage of large amount of data on your computer.  Along with deleting the data, try removing some unwanted applications too. There is something else that you can do. This is to disable some of the programs from the startup menu. To do this, click on ‘start’ and then on ‘Run’. Type ‘msconfig’ and press enter. A dialogue box will open up which will contain several tabs like General, SYSTEM.INI, WIN.INI, BOOT.INI, services and startup. Select the ‘startup’ tab. There will be a large list of applications which are configured to run when the computer boots up. Deselect some of the applications that you do not want to run when the computer starts. Make sure you are not disabling any of the important system programs from running. This can change your computer just to a box full of electronic circuits. So, get some help if you are not sure which one to change and which one not to touch.  

There are also utilities like disk defragmenter and disk cleanup utility which can be used to make your computer work little bit faster. Disk defragmenter arranges all the files in your Windows powered system so that every similar file is available for access from a single place. Disk cleanup utility removes all the unwanted files from your machine which are stored in places like compressed files and temporary files folders. With the help of different utilities like this, you can make your device work faster and give the performance that you expect from the machine.