Prevent human stampedes

Published on: Author: admin

During the bygone days, we have heard of the human stampedes at the functions, or gatherings or rallies or at any of the sporting events, but during the present days, we can witness the human stampede at the shopping places or during any festive sales. Isn’t it irksome? The scare of getting caught or becoming a victim of such stampedes prevents us from stepping out of our home. When ever we hear of a festive sales or discount sales or any when we catch of the branded products being sold at a cool off prices, we are tempted to take privilege of it and land up there immediately only to face the stampedes there. All the people make a mad dash for the place interestingly. All of them want to have a hand at the new item, at that too if it is a limited offer. The retailer will any ways enjoy this rush as it will increase his sales margin, but for the customers it is a human stampede.
Even though, it may prove to be a good strategy for the company as it increases the profits, shareholders equity and they drag in lot of media PR, the customers face the tragedy. And hence a new strategy has to be implemented during this festive peak sale. It might be humorous, to hear but, actually it is a serious matter as we can’t see or witness over loved ones being killed or being a victim of these stampede. One can’t lose their life just to own a big television or just a one plus one offer. No doubt, these large traffic of customers can be problem even to the company or the show room, as they can’t keep track of one and all, and they may end up to having a fight with the customers or there are lot of scope of the products being stolen or getting damaged.
 Few suggestions, I place before you to over come this situation are, firstly when you prefer to make a special discount, see to it that a pooling is done at the entrance of the mall or the shopping complex itself, like making a lottery entry, or card entry or any specific conditions. This way you can have a control of the traffic.  The retailer have to advertise of the sale, and the event which has the special lottery offers, wherein only the present customers can be eligible to participate. Optionally, you can even keep a clause saying that the customers who enter into the store are eligible to draw and win, and that they will be informed later by mail or a call. This will reduce the human stampede to a larger extent, and will be beneficial to both the owner and as well the customers.