Android mobiles and the features

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A Linux based mobile operating system; that is all what Android is. Android has gained much popularity among mobile and tablet users recently, after Google acquired Android in 2005. Android being an open source platform, many people are coming forward to buy mobile and tablets that work on this operating system. Many new and free apps are available for Android which makes it even more acceptable among the common users. Like many other operating systems, Google is also keen on introducing new variants of Android into the market. The latest version of Android released was Android 4.0.3, which is more commonly known as Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
In the new version of Android operating system too, there are many new features which are enough to attract many people towards it. One of the many features included in Android 4.0 is the Face Unlock feature. Using this feature, you can unlock your phone with just a look onto your phone. Start the camera, look into your phone and the phone will be unlocked! The older methods of using number codes or drawing patterns to unlock the device is still available with the operating system. The operating system also features a new user interface which is easier to operate and beautiful in looks. The interface also features a button that is used to call the latest used apps along with very adaptable buttons. User interface of earlier Android operating systems were not much appreciated because of the unorganized look and feel. With Android 4.0, this is going to change.
When it comes to the communication part, definitely Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is a part, but there is something else and something new to the Android operating system. This is the NFC beam or Near Field Communication beam. This beam can be used for simple interactions like data transfer by simply tapping your phone with another NFC enabled phone. You all know that there is no real shortage of Android applications for mobile devices. ‘People’ is a new app introduced in Android 4.0 which is basically nothing but, Contacts. However, there are considerable changes. In this new app, the entire information about a particular contact in your phone is stored and it is not just the phone number or email address. It also stores information from different social networking sites. The best thing is, whenever a change is made in those websites regarding their contact, the change will be also made on your phone. The phone dialer application also comes with an upgrade from the older versions. If you are not able to attend a call when someone calls, you have the option of sending them text messages right away, either predefined ones or custom typed messages. The web browser is also significantly changed from the older versions with additional ability to save pages for offline viewing.